Quarterly Newsletter 4 / December 2020
Right to the City News

The Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) is organizing a process of collective learning on the Right to the City. This process is being carried out through the development of seven thematic papers on the perspective and connection of the Right to the City with strategic themes and the eight Right to the City components.

The idea is not only to deepen the content of each thematic but also to systematize initiatives and experiences (from public policies, civil society initiatives, etc.). These documents are intended to strengthen the advocacy, training, networking and communication work of the GPR2C.

Right to the City in the World
HIC, UCLG and the GPR2C come together to organize a roundtable between United Nations Special Rapporteurs, civil society organizations and local governments.

This event is a starting point of strengthened cooperation, pointing towards possible areas and paths for collaboration under the framework of Habitat Rights and the Right to the City.

World Social Forum-20 years
25-30 January 2021
Online / Worldwide
Curse “Decoding the Right to the City”
11 February -18 March 2021
Online / Worldwide
IV Forum: Actions for housing and Human Settlements pos-COVID19
May 2021
Latin America and the Caribbean
"The right to the city is the right of all inhabitants, present and future, permanent and temporary to use, occupy and produce just, inclusive and sustainable cities, defined as a common good essential to a full and decent life".

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